The Case Of The Missing Stairs

Published June 17, 2011
Updated January 12, 2018

This decrepit looking building is the site of one of the most bizarre stand-offs of all time. Located in Mianyang City, China, the building sits in the middle of an area purchased by a developer. A lone holdout on the top floor halted demolition, so the developer decided to decided to play dirty. The staircase to the top level was torn out, making it nearly impossible for the family living on the seventh floor to reach their apartment, resulting in a building with missing stairs:

The Case of the Missing Stairs Photograph

Despite the threat and the danger, the family stayed in their home, accessing their apartment via ladders and skillful climbing on the remaining staircase structure. The nearly-displaced family has taken the developer to court to demand an end to the frightfully unsafe living conditions.

Missing Stairs China

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