Martin Schoeller’s Mad Celebrity Portraits

Published February 20, 2014
Updated April 7, 2014

What do you get when you cross a bunch of famous faces with an ever so slightly unhinged photographer? A series of tongue in cheek crazy celebrity shots that bring out the best (and worst) of some of our favorite film stars and sporting heroes. The mad scientist of the photography world, Martin Schoeller has overseen shoots for the likes of Vogue, Time and GQ Magazine. Originally the protégée of the great Annie Leibovitz, his creativity has led him to place countless awards on his mantel. Here are some of Schoeller’s shots at their most zany.

Celebrity Portraits Jesse Eisenberg

Gracing the silver screen as both the survivor of a zombie apocalypse and the founder of Facebook (although not at the same time), actor Jesse Eisenberg is well known for his comedic, neurosis-laden quirkiness. In true Schoeller style, Eisenberg puts the scream in ice-cream.

Celebrity Portraits Jay Z

Often regarded as one of the greatest rappers and luckiest men of all time (see wife, Beyoncé), Jay-Z has his fair share of adoring fans, apparently spanning the animal world as well. It’s not quite “Lady and the Tramp”, but this romantic dinner for two isn’t far off.

Celebrity Portraits Quentin Tarantino

Director Quentin Tarantino often treads the fine line between all-around raving lunatic and fearless cinematic genius. Better known for his highly acclaimed, blood-filled flicks like “Reservoir Dogs” and “Kill Bill”, Tarantino can now add “breaking free from a straightjacket” to his list of achievements.

Celebrity Portraits Christian Bale

When not battling the Joker or chatting with Wilfred, it appears that Batman delights in fishing. Out of his natural habit of film sets and red carpets, Schoeller presents a Christian Bale looking remarkably at home on the sea front.

Celebrity Portraits Sean Combs

Better known as the rapper P. Diddy, Sean Combs is a true entrepreneur, trying his hand at everything from acting to managing a booming business empire. With such a relentless spirit, Schoeller provides an apt answer to just what drives Combs. With multiple Diddies staring outward, it’s not Combs’ belief in God to compels him forward; it’s his belief in himself.

Celebrity Portraits Pitt Clooney Croquet

Ben and Jerry, Fred and Ginger, Laurel and Hardy; all dynamic duos at the top of their game. A match made in heaven in Ocean’s Eleven, A-list actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney are among the most recent additions to the list, seen here taking time out of their busy schedules to enjoy some classic croquet.

Celebrity Portraits Neil Patrick Harris

Finding fame in the hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, Neil Patrick Harris has wooed and wowed countless women as suave sweet-talker Barney Stintson.

Celebrity Portraits Chris Pine

Best known for his role in the most recent “Star Trek” franchise, Chris Pine is rising to fame at a gas-like speed.

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