Be Glad This Flying Chainsaw Has Only Killed Snowmen — So Far

Published April 5, 2016
Updated January 30, 2018

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: This could very well be a hoax. It was uploaded to YouTube the day before April Fool’s Day by a group of filmmakers whose second most recent upload is a testing video for filming with drones. And via careful editing, much of this destruction footage could have been achieved with a chainsaw not attached to a drone.

But if this drone chainsaw is authentic — or, really, even if it’s not — the footage is pretty spectacular.

If we are indeed to take the video at face value, its description simply reads, “Crazy Finnish farmers built an epic drone with a remote controlled chainsaw.” And, on that premise, the video delivers.

Just watch it demolish snowmen, trees, balloons, and icicles and be glad it’s not coming after you.

Of course, you’re still wondering, is a drone chainsaw plausible? Gizmodo, citing evidence from Mythbusters, says yes. But is this particular video authentic? Watch the destruction and decide for yourself.

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