You’ll Never Guess What Gary Hovey Does with Forks and Spoons

Published March 13, 2014

From chocolate paintings to cross-stitch metal artwork, artists are always coming up with innovative ways to make art from everyday objects. Take, for instance, Gary Hovey, who uses cutlery to make awesome sculptures of animals and wildlife. To create each sculpture, Gary Hovey must cut, weld and shape numerous stainless steel forks, spoons and knives. The finished product is an intricate, silver wildlife creature forged from flatware.

Ohio-based Gary Hovey began sculpting with flatware in 2004, which was almost twenty-five years after he was first inspired by a John Kearney sculpture made from chrome car bumpers. By this point, Hovey already had extensive experience with metalworking and welding, both important in the flatware sculpting process. These sculptures depict a variety of wildlife—such as birds, bears, deer, beavers and gorillas—and other images, including a stunning portrayal of the human eye.

Fork Eagle

Source: Visual News

Gary Hovey Fork Beaver

Source: Flickr

Flatware Deer

Source: Visual News

Kiri Picone
Bay Area transplant Kiri Picone is a writer and marketer who loves bizarre news and the color purple.
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