The Most Incredible Examples Of Tech Enhanced Humans

Published November 28, 2012
Updated September 1, 2017

As medical and technological advances race toward a future where humankind can hardly separate itself from its creations, the once far-fetched idylls of science fiction nerds begin to mold itself into reality.

Robotic Wheelchair

Still well within the realm of the imaginable, those with mobility issues have long relied on inspired engineering for ensuring their independence.

Prosthetic Hand

Where missing limbs once meant severe livelihood restrictions, technology has gone a long way to replace what many thought had been permanently lost.

Powered Exoskeleton Suits

Human Exoskeleton Suit

Source: Amazon

Having the full body support of you own wearable robot when recovering from paralysis has been shown to aid in an increased rate of mobility and, subsequently, independence.

Of course the medical field doesn’t keep this technology all to itself; the military has been one of the major backers of anything robotic that can give its soldiers an edge over its enemies.

Bionic Eye

Amazing breakthroughs have been achieved as recently as August this year when the first successful prototype of a bionic eye was implanted into a woman in Sydney, Australia.

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