Judith Ann Braun’s Fantastic Finger Art Paintings

Published November 10, 2013
Updated November 26, 2013
Finger Painting

Source: Tumblr

While finger-painting may seem childish to some, artist Judith Ann Braun uses her fingers to create incredible artwork and murals that are anything but. Braun, who has been quite the force in the art world for decades, ditches traditional brushes and other tools that put a distance between the artist and the art and uses only her fingers and charcoal dust to paint beautiful pieces that have been displayed in a number of reputable museums and galleries.

Judith Ann Braun

Source: WordPress

Judith Ann Braun began painting in the 1980s as a realistic figure painter. In the years to come, she explored paternalism, sexism, racial innuendos and other complex ideas through her art, often incorporating language and text into the pieces. Her art was experimental for its time, and prompted much criticism and disgust. Financial burdens eventually forced Braun to withdraw from making her controversial art, though she returned to the craft in 2003 after a Tarot reading. Braun drew the Lover’s Card, which convinced her to begin creating once again.

Finger Print Fading

Source: Give Us Art

Finger Paint Gallery

Source: Fun Cage

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