Kasper Kowalski’s Unexpected Aerial Photography

Published May 18, 2015
Updated May 1, 2015
Polish Lake Aerial View

Source: CNN

Although Kasper Kowalski is a trained architect, it is his unexpected aerial photography that will thrill you most. Born in 1977, the Polish photographer captures the intersections, patterns and shapes that arise in our multifaceted world. When Kowalski photographs these instances and locations where nature and society collide, his images uncover “disorder in harmony,” and an “emergence of new forms”.

Unbelievable Aerial Photography of Poland

Source: Caixa Negra

Kasper Kowalski Aerial Photograpahy

Source: GeoLog

Beautiful Pictures of Fall in Poland

Source: Caixa Negra

Kowalski gave up a career in architecture to devote his time to flying and photography–passions that help him abandon his own perspective and enter a space that’s entirely different. His ability to capture such unique aerial images of Poland’s landscape has earned him honors around the world. He’s won awards at the Sony World Photography Contest and a number of other international and local competitions.

Vistula River, Poland

Source: CNN

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