Belgium’s Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Published October 8, 2013
Updated September 18, 2014

There are few places more beautiful than the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. Filled with lush, blooming greenery, the stunning complex is one of the most magical greenhouses in the world. Construction on the grounds took decades, and the finished product has stood the test of time.

Laeken Staircase

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Greenhouses Of Laeken Yellow Flowers

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Covering more than six acres of land, the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken are nestled in Brussels, Belgium. At the request of King Leopold II (who, when not commissioning monumental gardens was notorious for his imperialistic flair in the Congo that claimed the lives of many) Alphonse Balat designed the expansive structures in 1873. Built entirely from newer materials (glass and iron), the buildings were completed before the close of the nineteenth century and are estimated to cover around 270,000 square feet. The Winter Garden was the first of many aesthetically conscious, neoclassical glass buildings erected onsite.

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