In Photos: The Mixed Reception Of Refugees As They Arrive In Europe

Published September 19, 2015
Updated January 12, 2018
Refugees Arrive

Source: Aljazeera

When the world saw photos of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body lying flat on the Turkish surf, it mourned. Kurdi, we later learned, was with his Syrian family as they attempted to escape the Syrian civil war via a small boat, which capsized soon after it left a beach near Bodrum, Turkey on September 2nd.

Although Syria has been the site of a mass exodus for years, the image of Kurdi’s body seemed to drive home the devastating realities of war, as well as the international community’s failure to adequately respond to the needs of Syrians stuck inside of — and fleeing — the Syrian crisis.

The violence in Syria started in March 2011, after peaceful protests were met with violence from the government of Bashar al-Assad. Syrians started fleeing the following month, heading to Lebanon, then Turkey, and then Jordan.

But 2011 was just the beginning. Since then, more than 200,000 people have died from the violence, according to a January 2015 report released by the United Nations. In addition, the civil war has uprooted more than nine million people in Syria from their homes, with three million Syrian refugees leaving the war-shattered country altogether, the UN reports.

Syrian Refugees Arrive Zaatari

An aerial view of the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Source: Metro

And today, many of these individuals are attempting to enter the European Union. While some countries have welcomed the refugees with open arms, others have made it clear that they are not wanted.

Recent footage from Hungary revealed police using tear gas and water cannons on migrants at the nation’s border with Serbia. Germany, on the other hand, has had a change of heart and policy, and has said it could accept as many as 500,000 refugees per year. The United Kingdom has said it will admit 20,000 migrants over the next five years.

After being met with everything from anger to celebration, after traveling for hundreds of thousands of miles, here are 21 snapshots of these refugees arriving at their new homes.

Syrian Refugees Arrive Happy
Refugees Arrive Dortmund
Refugees Arrive Germany
Syrian Refugees Arrive Boy
In Photos: The Mixed Reception Of Refugees As They Arrive In Europe
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