The Best Of The PBH Network In 2011

Published December 28, 2011
Updated January 21, 2014

5. Dam Goats!

Dam goats

Talk about daring. Hanging out on Italy’s Cingino dam, these Alpine Ibex goats make Spiderman look like an amateur.

4. Who Knew? Cute Spiders Exist

cute jumping spider

Maybe “cute” isn’t the most accurate term for these jumping spiders, but as they are the largest family of spiders it would behoove of us to get to know our neighbors.

3. Kenny, the Inbred White Tiger

Inbred White Tiger

As the demand for white tigers has increased, so have the unnatural and inhumane methods of producing them. Case in point: Kenny, the inbred white tiger. The result of selective inbreeding and exotic pet stores and zoos’ desires for profit, Kenny is mentally retarded and deformed.

2. Perspective on 9/11 and the Invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan

9/11 and Iraq and Afghanistan wars

2011 marked the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the formal end of the Iraq War. Having a little perspective on what has happened along the way is absolutely vital. Check out some of the figures civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

1. A View of the US-Mexican Border

US Mexican Border

United States relations with Mexico and their immigrant population have garnered a lot of buzz in 2011. Here’s a look at the small fence that separates Tijuana, Mexico from Border Patrol in San Diego, California.

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