The Incredible Birdhouses of King’s Wood

Published July 17, 2011
Updated January 12, 2018

This collection of birdhouses is an installation by London Fieldworks, an art duo working as an “umbrella organization for creative research and collaboration at the art, science and technology intersection.”

<Birdhouses of King's Wood

Three types of houses were engineered to exemplify the wealth gap that inhabits communities across the world and how the encroaching natural environment does nothing to deter the construction of massive commerce and domestic entities.

<King's Wood Birdhouses

The larger houses were modeled after actual palaces and the smaller units were meant to mimic the packed-in housing arrangement of Alphaville, Brazil, which is famously known for slowing the escalation of crime in Sao Paulo by constructing a cluster of gated communities (deeply controlled by private investors and their law enforcement) on bought-up rural farmland and forest.


“Super Kingdom can be viewed as a social engineering experiment for animals – a new community in the making referencing despot’s palaces, gated community developments such as Alphaville in Brazil and the fortified exclusivity afforded to the wealthy and super-rich – all designed to keep urban reality at bay.” – Super Kingdom.

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