These People Hate Valentine’s Day Way More Than You

Published February 13, 2015
Updated February 12, 2015
Indian Women Protest Valentine's Day

These Indian women make their distaste for Valentine’s Day perfectly clear. Source: ArtNaz

With its overabundance of candy, chocolates, teddy bears and pink everything, it’s easy for people–single or in a relationship–to get pretty cynical about Valentine’s Day and the commodification of intimacy and affection.

But to some, Valentine’s Day brings out more than pure cynicism. Behind the hearts and flowers stands the West, intent on imposing its culture around the world and in whatever way possible. For example, right-wing religious groups in India view Valentine’s Day as a Western holiday that directly opposes the Hindu way of life. Muslims, too, can find the holiday off-putting, immoral and an encroachment of Western values. Believe it or not, this difference in opinion makes for some pretty intense Valentine’s Day protests.

Protests in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Valentine’s Day is a hotly debated topic. Source: NaijaGists

Pakistan Islamists Against V-Day

Pakistani Islamists have protested Valentine’s Day for years, saying that the Western holiday spreads immodesty around the world. Source: Codewit World News

Muslim Women Protests Valentine's Day

Muslim women gather at an anti-Valentine’s Day Campaign. Source: Quartz

Protests in Japan

A Japanese group called Kakuhido (roughly translated to mean the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women Find Unattractive) has promised to protest against Valentine’s Day and the “oppressive chocolate capitalists.” In this picture from 2012, a member wears a shirt that says, “Sex is Pointless.” Source: Telegraph

Turkish Protests on Valentine's Day

Women gather together in Turkey to protest Valentine’s Day. Source: ArtNaz

Indian Woman Protests Valentine's Day

These Hindu women feel that Valentine’s Day is a cultural invasion on their way of life. Source: PopSugar

Shri Ram Sena Valentine's Day Protest

Members of Shri Ram Sena (SRS), a group known for their protection of Hindu Dharma, burn an effigy of young lovers to protest Valentine’s Day. Source: Enarada

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