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Published October 30, 2015
Updated November 4, 2015

Kids’ Halloween Masks In The Early 1900s Were Terrifying

Kids Old Halloween Masks

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Vintage everything is terrifying. It just is. Even when–or perhaps especially when–it’s not trying to be. And among the scariest of all things vintage–right up there with dolls–are Halloween costumes. Particularly when they’re worn by little kids. Find some nightmare fodder at Vintage Everyday.

Halloween Kids Old Fashioned

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Vintage Girl Halloween Mask

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Your Favorite Foods, Deconstructed

Doritos Ingredients

Doritos Cool Ranch. Image Source: The Washington Post

How many ingredients does it take to make a Dorito? It’s a basic tortilla chip and some seasonings. The answer? 34, many of which no normal person can pronounce, let alone explain its purpose. And even if you looked at the package’s ingredients list and thus aren’t surprised by the number 34, actually seeing those ingredients all laid out is another matter entirely. This is precisely why photographer Dwight Eschliman and author Steve Ettlinger’s photos shows you what’s really in your food like never before. See a deconstructed Dorito, Twinkie, and more at The Washington Post.

Twinkie Ingredients

Twinkies. Image Source: The Washington Post

Campbell's Chicken Soup Ingredients

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Image Source: The Washington Post

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