The 2013 Winners Of The Nature Conservancy’s Annual Photo Contest

Published February 4, 2014
Updated January 30, 2014
Nature Conservancy Contest Bear

Grizzly rubbing his back on a tree on the bank of Battle River in a remote area of Katmai National Park, Alaska. Photo credit: © Jim James

Nature Conservancy Contest Winter

From Grandview Point on the South Rim. After a heavy January snow storm the sun breaks through and the clouds and mist rise from deep within the Grand Canyon. Photo credit: © Suzanne P. Mathia

Nature Conservancy Contest Climbing

Hunger Mountain, Waterbury, Vermont. Photo credit: © Geoff Giller

Nature Conservancy Contest Crab

Fiddler Crab on South Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia. Photo credit: © Martin Wasilewski

Nature Conservancy Contest Frogs

Bull Frogs Rana Catesbeiana) on mossy log) in Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo credit: © Sarah Keates