The 60 Most Surprising Photos Of 2013

Published December 16, 2013
Updated February 12, 2018

Surprising Photos Running Man

2013 was a year filled with ups, downs, controversies and above all, surprise. While we say that at the end of every year, here are sixty surprising photos to help illustrate our point. Example number one? This brave man runs up a greasy pole known as a “gostra” during the feast of St. Julian, near Valletta, Malta.

Surprising Photos Pig Tiger

Taken moments before this Sumatran tiger killed the swine, here it is featured playing with it.

Snakes In Bed

A Filipino zoo owner reads a bedtime story to his pet snakes in Manila.

Ukraine Circus Dogs

Poodles perform at the Ukrainian National Circus.

Surprising Photos Spiderman

All Children’s Hospital admit Sao Doan watches as Spider Man washes her window in Florida.

Surprising Photos Pollution

A lost dog wanders about the polluted waters of Ahmedabad on World Earth Day.

Surprising Photos Panda

An ursine employee at China’s Harbin International Ice and Snow World Festival dons a panda costume.

Obama Fly

A fly lands between Barack Obama’s eyes while giving a speech at the White House.

Pig In Flood

A pig uses a dead sow as “land” amid floods in Chongqing, China.

Penguin Flood

A penguin at the Prague Zoo took a moment to observe the city’s flooding commercial zones this past summer.

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