Amazon Driver Leaves More Than A Package At Customer’s House [VIDEO]

Published December 1, 2017
Updated June 27, 2018

Amazon responded to Bautista and apologized for the "frustrating experience" and sent a team to look into the incident.

A Sacramento, Calif. homeowner was shocked when he arrived home to discover that someone had pooped on the street in front of his driveway.

When Nemy Bautista arrived home from work this Tuesday to find feces in front of his house, he checked his home security camera to find that the person delivering his Amazon package had done the deed, reported ABC10 Sacramento.

Bautista arrived home at 3 p.m. that day, and initially assumed that the poop near his driveway was from a neighborhood dog. He decided to check his security cameras so that he could find out whose dog did it, and hopefully make them clean up after their pet.

He was shocked to discover that the poop was not from an animal, but from a delivery driver.

He quickly posted an image of the incident to Facebook, with the accompanying caption: “ Why is your driver squatting in-front of my house? Let me give you a hint… he/she is not tying their shoes. I have it on video!”

After being tagged in the post, Amazon responded to Bautista and apologized for the “frustrating experience” and sent a team to look into the incident.

The company delivering the package was one of many contracted by Amazon.

The supervisor of the delivery company reportedly drove over in his own car to Bautista’s home to talk to him but was not prepared for the mess he witnessed.

“He was in shock when we saw the size of ‘it,'” said Bautista. “He ended up scooping it up with a plastic bag, but didn’t want to take it with him (it smelled really bad).”

An Amazon spokesperson commented on the incident saying, “We work with a number of delivery services throughout the year” and that “this does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers.”

They have declined to name the delivery company who hired this driver but did give Bautista a gift card for his trouble.

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Gabe Paoletti
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