The World’s Most Astonishing Aquarium Art

Published July 18, 2013
Updated February 12, 2018

Even though it smells a bit fishy, this incredible aquarium art is not to be missed!

Aquarium Art

Source: Wanderfly

At a time when cats reign supreme as the internet’s–and world’s–pet of choice, a few creative types have commenced their attempts to draw the pet fish from the depths of obscurity by creating incredible works of aquarium art. Places like Hydropolis in Qingdao, China, have even gone as far as creating entire living complexes within an aquarium.

Bedroom Fishtank

Source: Kootation

Aquarium artists like Takashi Amano are dedicated to designing the most intricate fishtanks possible, often working for months at a time on underwater landscapes complete with rolling hills and craggy paths.

Takashi Amano Art

Source: Planted Tank

Other artists have taken a more abstract approach in their design work. Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino, a pair of French artists, unveiled their Telequarium installation at the Lyon Lights Festival three years ago. Since the unveiling, other phone boxes have been repurposed to house whole hosts of exotic fish around France.

Aquarium Art Television Tank

Source: LOL Jam

The incredible ingenuity of aquarium artists has transformed the standard fish bowl into an underwater world of endless possibilities. While we’re not suggesting you go and hollow out an old TV and stick some fish in it, there are some who have done it very successfully. So why not consider a little living art in your house?

Car Tank

Source: Flickr

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