Seven Awesome Life Pro Tips

Published August 2, 2012
Updated January 16, 2018

Seven ways to make your life better with these easy and awesome life pro tips [via Reddit LPT, Lifehacker, and… well, us!]:

Save Your Email Address As A Keyboard Shortcut On Smartphones

Tired of typing in your email address on your phone? Take the step of saving your email address a keyboard shortcut to easily insert your email address:

Life Pro Tips Smartphone Email Shortcut

Perform Quick Searches In Chrome And Firefox

Life Pro Tips Chrome Firefox Quick Search

Save Yourself From Choking

Prevent yourself from dying alone at home from having stuffed too many cheetos in your mouth by learning how to save yourself from choking:

Awesome Life Pro Tips: Make Clear & Purified Ice Cubes

Do your ice cubes come out opaque or weird colors? Boil the water beforehand to make your ice cubes crystal clear and to purify them of bacteria and germs:

Life Pro Tips Clear Ice Cube

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