Seven Awesome Life Pro Tips

Published August 2, 2012
Updated January 16, 2018

Awesome Life Pro Tips: Catch Annoying Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are nature’s way of annoying you during the summer (also: mosquitoes). Get rid of them by putting a couple tablespoons of sweet vinegar into a shallow glass. Then mix in a couple drops of liquid dish soap to break the water tension and voila, soon all your fruit flies will sink into the bottom of your trap:

Life Pro Tips Catch Fruit Flies

Easily Peel A Potato

Peeling a potato can get pretty annoying. However, there’s an easy solution. After you boil a potato, put it into cold water for 5 seconds. Remove and twist the potato skin with your hands – the skin will fall right off!

Life Pro Tips Easy Potato Peel GIF

Hide Your Valuables During Beach Trips

Going into the ocean or for a walk during a beach trip often results in an awkward dance of trying to figure out what to do with your valuables. Instead, empty out a sun tan lotion container and use it to store your valuables:

Life Pro Tips Valuable In Lotion Bottle

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