Guerrilla Art: The Provocative World Of Banksy

Published July 15, 2011
Updated December 12, 2017

Despite a very public career covering the world in guerrilla art, Banksy's true identity has remained unknown.

Banksy is the nom de guerre of a prolific English graffiti artist, political activist, director and painter whose true identity has remained unknown, despite his very public career. His stencil technique street art can be seen across the world, making social and political commentary in satirical and sardonic ways that many have labeled as guerrilla art.

He also created the groundbreaking 2010 documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. From the absurd to the provocative to the acerbic, Banksy’s art has been witnessed across the globe:

Banksy In The United Kingdom

British Soldier Goes To Bathroom Graffiti

Banksy began his career in the Bristol graffiti scene in the early 90s,as a hybrid stencil/freehand graffiti artist. By the turn of the century, he had moved completely to stencils as a way to create more intricate pieces in the quickest way possible to avoid detection. Most of his work in the UK can be found in Bristol and London.

Banksy Art

Banksy Thug For Life Mural

Smash The System Graffiti Art

Art Removal Native Art Mural

Girl Lets Go Of Red Balloon

Graffiti Removal Hotline

Designated Graffiti Area Photograph

Banksy Sweep It Under The Carpet Street Art

Guerrilla Art Girl Held By ATM Robot Arm

What Are You Looking At CCTV

Television Through The Window

If Graffiti Changed Anything Street Art

Banksy British Police Pats Down A Girl Mural

Death Rowing In The Thames

Bansky Masked Horseman Guerrilla Art

Naked Man Hangs Out A Window Pic

Two UK Police Officers Kissing Mural

Guerrilla Art One Nation Under CCTV

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