The Ten Best TED Talks

Published October 6, 2012
Updated February 12, 2018

6. A Green Future Sans Fossil Fuels

A future that flourishes without the use of fossil fuels might seem a bit utopian, but to Shai Agassi it is attainable by 2020. In this talk, Agassi advocates the use of the electric car to impact carbon emissions and reveals his own company’s plan of making entire countries oil-free within the next eight years.

7. Creativity’s Greatest Enemy? The School


Taking this rather contentious opinion, English author and speaker Ken Robinson advocates rewiring the contemporary education system to encourage–not undermine–creativity, not only for children but for the future of international innovation.

8. The Incredible Potential Of Sixth Sense Technology

What once was considered only possible within darkened theaters and editing studios in Hollywood, the “sixth sense” takes on a new meaning with Pranav Mistry. Here, Mistry unveils his incredible SixthSense device–an apparatus that convenes the digital and physical world–and a paper thin computer.

9. The Power Of Vulnerability

What many consider a weakness, Brene Brown considers a formidable strength. Brown advocates that leaning into discomfort or making oneself vulnerable only opens doors to connection and increased understanding of humanity.

10. Understanding The Universe

In this legendary TED Talk, Professor Stephen Hawking ponders the most basic and overriding of questions: what is the universe, where did it come from and are we alone in it?

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