Some Of The World’s Most Bizarre Magazine Covers

Published March 21, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017
Bizarre Magazine Wall Street

Source: Time

Time Magazine

Bizarre Magazine Baby Einstein

Source: Time

Featuring some of the most jaw-dropping magazine covers in publishing history, the giant that is Time magazine is no stranger to the bizarre. From its “brazen” breast feeding mom to the child genius with the eerily vacant stare, the Time staff is a true purveyor of the odd and out there.

Bizarre Magazine Mom

Source: Time

Girls and Corpses

The less said about Girls and Corpses, the better. Described as Maxim VS Dawn of the Dead, expect to find women in skimpy outfits playing golf with skeletons and Cleopatra’s mummified lover on the front cover.

TAR Magazine

Convening art and aesthetics with a social conscience, TAR magazine prides itself on its striking covers. The portrait of Kate Moss with half of her face peeled to reveal muscle, a piece of art created by Damien Hirst, is just one example of their remarkably bizarre covers.

Bizarre Magazine Tar Skull

Source: R.A.D.L.&

Bizarre Magazine Tar Feather

Source: Style

Men’s Non-No

Bizarre Magazine Anime

Source: Barena

The Japanese men’s fashion mag, Men’s Non-No, is generally known for its cutting edge clothing tips and fashion features. Every now and again, however, an oddly disturbing anime character or man in what appears to be a silken type of dress sneaks onto the cover.

Bizarre Magazine Mens Non No

Source: Otaku Artist

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