Four Of The World’s Most Bizarre Seafood Dishes

Published January 8, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017


Bizarre Seafood Ikizukuri 1

Source: Wikipedia

Talk about a fresh catch. Very similar to Odori Ebi, Ikizukuri is the practice of making sashimi from live sea creatures and serving it while the creature is still alive. Outlawed in some countries, customers who choose to partake in Ikizukuri select an animal from a tank of fresh choices and then watch as their soon-to-be sashimi meal is delivered to the chef. In some instances, the animal is then returned with dipping sauces to be eaten with its heart still beating.

Florida Stone Crab Claws

On its face, indulging in crab claws is not terribly bizarre, but how the claws get from the crab and to your ivory plate sure is. In order to maintain a perpetual supply of crab claws, restaurants that serve stone crab claws are able to harvest them from still living crabs in a way that allows continual claw regeneration. As long as the procedure is done carefully and the crab is kept in the proper condition, the phoenix-esque stone crab is capable of not just regenerating its limbs but producing claws that are each larger than the last.

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