Bryan Whitney’s Incredible X-Ray Art

Published October 6, 2013
Updated November 14, 2018
X Ray Art

Source: 1st Dibs

Though most people think of X-ray machines as cold, impersonal medical devices, others see them as a way to make compelling works of art. New York City-based Bryan Whitney does just that, producing experimental, architectural and fine art work. His X-ray images of nature and ordinary, even iconic, items have caught the attention of art and science lovers around the world.

X Ray Purple Flower

Source: Yahoo

Although Whitney’s artwork is considered photography, he doesn’t use a camera. Instead, Whitney uses an X-ray machine beam to penetrate the chosen object. This process creates an image of the item’s inner structure on a digital plate or sheet of film (similar to how it is done at the doctor’s office). Whitney then digitally adjusts and often colors the black-and-white image to create his final, unique work of art.

X Ray Garden

Source: Yahoo

X Ray Green

Source: 1st Dibs

Whitney exhibited his X-ray photographs in an installation of images in the west windows of the Marjorie Fortunoff Mayrock Conservatory. The installation evoked the structure’s original function (as a greenhouse) and brought to mind antiquated, romantic ties to stained glass art as well as the curious relationship between science, nature and art. Whitney dedicated the exhibit to his mother.

Bryan Whitney X Ray Soda Can

X Ray Camera

Source: Yahoo

X Ray Onion Tubers

Source: 1st Dibs

Recently, Whitney’s X-ray artwork went viral, catapulting the artist into internet stardom. Yet members of the art community have recognized Whitney’s talent and fresh, creative eye for years. Whitney currently teaches at the International Center for Photography, and an array of magazines and venues have featured his work.

X Ray Light Installment

Source: Dowling

Bryan Whitney X Ray Lilies

Source: 1st Dibs

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