Bullfighter Gored In Groin And Carried Out Of Ring Screaming [VIDEO]

Published November 21, 2017
Published November 21, 2017

The bullfighter was taken to a hospital where he is currently in stable condition.

A bullfighter had to be carried out of the ring on Saturday, after a bull gored him in the groin, leaving blood rushing down his leg.

The fighter, Luis David Adame, was competing in the Plaza Santa María de Querétaro, in Queretaro, Mexico, during the annual bullfighting festival. Adame was one of the first fighters to compete.

The excruciating incident was caught on video, in which Adame can be seen holding the signature red cape in one hand, as the bull charged to his left. Then, suddenly, the agitated bull changed direction, its horn impaling Adame in his groin.

Adame then flies into the air from the force of the impact. As he falls to the ground, the bull walks away, and Adame stands, holding his groin and limping out of the ring. Later, he is seen being carried to the exit by other competitors, as blood drips down his leg.

Adame was first taken to the bullring’s infirmary, before being moved to a local hospital, where it was revealed that he sustained a gash on his scrotum.

According to the doctor who tended to Adame, the fighter “suffered a large goring in the scrotum that tears the skin in 10 centimeters.”

On Sunday, Adame tweeted from his hospital, ensuring fans that he was healing well.

“Fighting a bull, relaxed and focused in Queretaro, when suddenly comes that betrayal that sends you flying and turns your whole world upside down.” he tweeted. “Still, nothing compares to the feeling when the fans cry out for the ‘Torero!’ (bullfighter). I will see you soon.”

Reports say that Adame is in stable condition.

This is hardly the first time that a bullfighter has had an unfortunate run-in with a bull during a fight. Earlier in the year, a matador was seriously injured when an agitated bull gored his rectum. In 2010, a Spanish bullfighter was left with a four-inch gash in his rectum after being impaled by a bull’s horn.

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Katie Serena
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