Presidents Bush And Clinton Throw Shade At Trump In Joint Interview

Published July 14, 2017
Published July 14, 2017

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush discuss the importance of being a humble president.

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On Thursday at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush talked about their friendship, presidency, current events, and, seemingly the current president.

During a portion of the graduation ceremony for the 2017 class of the Presidential Leadership Scholars, the ex-presidents made several statements that appeared directed at President Trump, though they did not mention him by name. Both men emphasized the importance of humility to the office of the presidency, a trait notably not held by current-President Trump.

When asked the quality most necessary for a person to be a good president, Bush’s responded, “Humility.”

Bush spoke at length about how much he admired Clinton’s humility following his victory in the election over George W. Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, explaining that graciousness shows character and can result in bipartisan admiration.

President Clinton had similar words about the importance of being humble, saying, “Realize it’s about the people, not you. A lot of these people who are real arrogant in office, they forget. … You don’t want to say, ‘God, look at all those people I beat.’ ”

On the other hand, the man they were appearing to refer to does have “the best words” and “[he] alone can fix” things.

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Gabe Paoletti
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