Man Runs Out Of Gas, Steals Police Car, Runs Out Of Gas Again

Published March 30, 2017

This wasn't the most impressive run.

Man Steals Police Car

Michael B. Thomas/AFP/Getty Images

There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not playing video games affects a person’s behavior in real life.

It could be one explanation for why a man in Tulare, South Dakota stole a cop car.

Troy James had run out of fuel on the highway and called the police for help.

A deputy responded to the call and found that James was acting strangely. According to the police report, James was armed and managed to pull the deputy from the vehicle and speed off.

A squad of South Dakota officers then followed James on a 140-mile car chase — at which point James, once again, ran out of gas.

It was an impressive run, but slightly less shocking than the handcuffed prisoner who stole a police SUV in Texas this month or the Arizona woman who managed to steal a police vehicle in January completely naked.

No word on whether any of the suspects play Grand Theft Auto.

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Annie Garau
Annie is a NYC-based writer.
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