If You Got Robocalls Call From These Cruise Lines, Find Out If You’re Entitled To $900

Published August 16, 2017
Published August 16, 2017

If you've been subjected to annoying robocalls from these cruise lines, you might qualify for a settlement of up to $900.

Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise

It seems like almost every day that I get a call from a very realistic recording of a perky lady named Jenny offering me a free trip to Hawaii or a great new credit card opportunity.

These spam calls are super annoying and — apparently — often illegal.

If you received a robocall from Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean cruise lines, you are probably eligible to take part in a new class-action lawsuit, and could be awarded between up to $900 in damages.

To find out if you qualify, visit this site and enter your phone number(s).

The case was filed by Philip Charvat, who said that he had never given his consent to be contacted by the cruise lines or the company they work with, Resort Marketing Group.

By calling him with prerecorded offers of a free cruise, the group had violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

“The TCPA imposes substantial penalties on companies that knowingly violate its telemarketing restrictions,” Paul Tassin wrote on Top Class Actions. “It generally forbids telemarketers from making calls using automated dialing equipment and prerecorded messages, unless the person being called has given the caller prior express written consent to be contacted that way.”

The companies settled the case out of court and are now creating a fund worth between $7 million and $12.5 million while people file claims.

Anyone who received a robocall from the cruise lines between July 2009 and March 2014 could be eligible for $300 per call (with a maximum of $900).

We do realize that this sounds like a spamming scheme itself, but we’ve looked into it and it’s legit.

If you qualify for the settlement, maybe you can go on that cruise after all.


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Annie Garau
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