Courtney Mattison’s Intricate Porcelain Coral Artwork

Published April 26, 2014
Updated February 28, 2018

In honor of Earth Day, we feature artist Courtney Mattison, whose handcrafted porcelain coral artwork confirms her deep love for the world's oceans.

Courtney Mattison's Our Changing Seas

Source: Colossal

This past week, millions celebrated Earth Day 2014 by completing eco-friendly projects, planting trees and raising awareness for a number of green causes. We thought we’d add our take by featuring an artist whose love for Mother Nature has deeply impacted her work.

San Francisco native Courtney Mattison has a passion for the world’s oceans. An interest in marine biology and environmental science has greatly shaped her work, providing much of the inspiration and motivation to create handmade porcelain sculptures liker her three-part series titled Our Changing Seas.

Our Changing Seas Coral Artwork

Source: Colossal

Bleached Coral Artwork

Source: Colossal

Porcelain, glazed stoneware, aluminum and plywood comprise the three exhibitions of Our Changing Seas. Mattison debuted the first, “A coral reef story,” in Washington, D.C. in 2011, and followed with a 2014 exhibition in Saratoga Springs, New York. The third piece, aptly named “Our Changing Seas III,” is meant to depict the destructive effects of coral reef bleaching, a whitening process that’s caused by a combination of natural and man-made variations in the reef environment. Causes might include sea temperature variance, subaerial exposure or water dilution. Thankfully, their effects can often be reversed, at least up to a point.

Porcelain Coral Artwork by Courtney Mattison

Source: Colossal

Coral Artwork

Source: Colossal

At the heart of Courtney Mattison’s artwork is her desire to inspire real-life changes in how people view and treat the world’s oceans and environments. Similar to the Our Changing Seas series, Courtney Mattison’s Hope Spots collection comprises 18 vignettes, each of which represents a vital marine ecosystem in its ideal form (that is, protected from various threats such as global warming or pollution).

Courtney Mattison Portrait Coral Artwork

Source: Mission Blue

Coral Art

Source: Mission Blue

Coral Sculptures By Courtney Mattison

Source: Mission Blue

Can’t make it to the “Our Changing Seas III” exhibition, but still want a piece of porcelain coral to ponder over? Mattison also sells affordable (Read: less than $50), hand-sculpted porcelain coral artwork and dishes within her Etsy store.

Art On Climate Change

Source: Behance

Our Changing Seas Sculptures

Source: Mission Blue

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