Sick, Elderly Mom Dies After Trump’s Ban Prevents Her From Returning Home To U.S.

Published February 1, 2017
Updated February 2, 2017
Published February 1, 2017
Updated February 2, 2017
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Editor’s Note: FOX 2 Detriot has confirmed Mike Hager lied about when his mother died after speaking to leader of a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. The Imam says Hager’s mother died five days before the travel ban order was signed.

An American citizen who flew to Iraq in order to escort his sick mother from there back to Detroit for medical treatment has claimed that President Trump’s controversial ban on refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries is responsible for blocking their trip and thus for his mother’s subsequent death.

Mike Hager said that his mother, Naimma, a U.S. resident since 1995, died after airport officials turned her away at the door.

“The immigration told us that the President of the United States put an order right now – you guys cannot go … I was just shocked. I had to put my mom back on the wheelchair and take her back and call the ambulance, and she was very very upset. She knew right there if we send her back to the hospital she’s going to pass away – she’s not going to make it,” Hager told FOX 2 Detroit. “They destroyed us. I went with my family; I came back by myself. They destroyed our family.”

Hager’s family first came to the U.S. from Iraq to flee the Gulf War. He has long since established a residence and his own small business in Detroit.

Recently, Hager told Fox 2 Detroit that he and his family had been visiting family in Iraq when his 75-year-old mother became sick. They quickly made arrangements to go back to the U.S., where they had all lived for more than 20 years. However, Trump’s travel ban prevented them from doing so, even though they all held green cards.

“I really believe this in my heart: if they would have let us in, my mom – she would have made it and she would have been sitting right here next to me … She’s gone because of him,” Hager said. “This is our home. We’ve been here for too long, we’ve been here since we were kids … If I’m not wanted overseas in Iraq and I’m not wanted here, then where do I go? What am I supposed to do with my family?”

Hager’s two nephews and niece are still stuck in Iraq until Trump’s 90-day ban expires, but the administration has indicated that it has plans to extend the ban.

Hager has a message for Trump regarding this:

“You have to understand you have a daughter – you have family – imagine if somebody does that to your mom,” Hager said. “You put the terrorists on this side – the bad people – but don’t mix everyone together.”

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