The Dreamlike Installation Art Of Rune Guneriussen

Published February 10, 2012
Updated February 12, 2018

Rune Guneriussen Art

Imagine going on a walk and seeing a tangle of chairs in the mouth of a beach, a thicket of lamps in a forest, or even a river whose bends are marked by yellowed books. And then in an instant–and much like a dream–they’re gone. That’s exactly what Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen does with his art. He spends hours, maybe days, assembling the pieces and then the minute he takes the picture, Guneriussen dissembles everything and moves on.

Thus, the only thing with which the viewer is left is an image so real yet fantastical that one simply has to question reality. Or at the very least appreciate the fact that there are still people alive who aren’t shackled by the line between fact and fantasy.

Installation Art Of Rune Guneriussen

Installation Art

Norwegian Installation Art

Installation Art Photograph

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