Drunk Russian Tries To Feed Captive Bear, Gets Arm Bitten Off [Video]

Published August 18, 2017

Andrey Sakharovsky ignored the warnings, climbed into the bear enclosure to feed them from a can of milk, and then had his arm severed close to the shoulder.


Most of us have heard the expression “don’t poke the bear,” but one drunken man decided to disregard that wisdom both figuratively and literally.

The Siberian Times reports that a drunken Russian man in the Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk region was recently caught on video jumping into the cage of a captive bear. The man, Andrey Sakharovsky, 42, climbed into a bear enclosure that was located in front of a local cafe in order to attract customers.

The enclosure contained three bears, two males named Misha and Sasha as well as a female named Masha.

Sakharovsky had climbed into the bear cage with cans of condensed milk that he planned to feed to the large animals. When he entered the enclosure, one of the bears, it is unclear which, got ahold of his hand.

The video then shows Sakharovsky struggling to pull his arm away from the bear. At that point, his friend runs over to him and tries to help, to no avail.

Then, a third man, Gabil Guseinov, the barbecue chef for the cafe that had set up the bear attraction, runs over to help. He grabs a spade and fights off the bear to remove Sakharovsky from its clutches. The video then shifts to footage of paramedics removing Sakharovsky from the scene on a stretcher. It is clear that he is covered in blood, and that his arm is missing.

The victim’s brother, Evgeny Sakharovsky, did not excuse his sibling’s actions, and laid the blame on him. However, he did say that, “for drunken Russian men, the fence needs to be higher.”

Sakharovsky is recovering in the hospital, although his family fears he won’t be able to work again.

The bears will now have to be either entirely removed from areas with possible human contact, or the owners will have to put them down.

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Gabe Paoletti
Gabe is a New York City-based writer and an Editorial Intern at All That Is Interesting.