Eight Awesome Travel Pro Tips

Published September 6, 2012
Updated February 12, 2018

Travel Pro Tips Power Adapters

When traveling abroad, save yourself time and money by bringing one plug adapter and a power strip to connect all your devices at once.

Hide Valuables In Lotion Bottles

Going to the beach? Use an empty lotion bottle to store and hide your valuables.

A simple but valuable trick: learn how to fold your clothes in a suitcase without them wrinkling.

Cover Hotel Remotes With Plastic Bags

Fact: hotel rooms can get pretty gross (just read this Reddit AMA with hotel staff for proof) and the television remotes can get really disgusting. Bring a plastic bag and place it over the hotel remote.

Headlamp Light Jug

For all your campers out there comes a useful travel pro tip: create an astoundingly bright transportable light by strapping a headlamp into an empty plastic jug.

Travel Packing Pro Tips

Pack like a pro: roll, don’t fold, your clothes to make maximum use of your luggage.

Packing Shoes For Traveling

Similarly, you don’t want your dirty shoes rubbing all over your packed clothes. Instead, use a shower cap to cover your shoes when packing.

Packing Liquids For Travel

And last but not least, to prevent your liquids from spilling during travel, take the tops off and put a layer of plastic wrap between the bottle and the top.

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