Video Of The Day: The Evidence Of Evolution You Can Find On Your Own Body

Published March 21, 2016
Updated February 5, 2018

From the monkey tendon in your arm to the story behind goose bumps, here's all the evidence of evolution you can find on your own body.

It turns out that one of the few things in life that just hasn’t evolved is Americans’ understanding of human evolution.

“Forty-two percent of Americans say that humans were created in their present form within the past 10,000 years — a percentage that hasn’t changed much since 1982, when Gallup started polling views on evolution,” Vox wrote when they published the video above.

But perhaps the best way to convince that 42 percent is to show them the evidence of evolution that can be found right on their own bodies.

Ever wonder why you get goose bumps? Or why we can’t move our ears like most mammals? It all has to do with vestigial body parts and features (those once useful to our evolutionary ancestors but which we’ve now evolved beyond). And it’s all explained in the video — even the Palmaris longus (just watch).

Despite all of the fascinating information presented in the video, however, there is only one thing more shocking than the 42 percent stat above — scrub to 3:20 if you want to get right to it.

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Nickolaus Hines
Nickolaus Hines is a freelance writer in New York City. He graduated from Auburn University, and his recent bylines can be found at Men's Journal, Inverse, and Grape Collective.