Man Calls In Fake Bomb Threat To Ruin His Wife’s Night Out

Published January 18, 2018
Published January 18, 2018

The man claimed that he was annoyed at his wife for going out, and called in the threats to "ruin her night."

Bomb Threat Bar

BBCThe Duke of Wellington hotel and pub, which received the bomb threat.

A British man was sentenced to six months in prison this week after calling in a false bomb threat to a local pub in November, in order to “ruin [his wife’s] night.”

The man, identified as Mo Ahmed, admitted to making two separate phone calls threatening that a bomb was going to go off in the Wetherspoons-owned Duke of Wellington hotel and pub.

“I need to tell the police there is a bomb in Wetherspoons, Minehead,” Ahmed told the police operator. “There is a bomb about to explode. You need the emergency services. There is a bomb exploding.”

The Duke of Wellington shut down immediately, evacuating 25 overnight guests and over 100 people from the pub at 1 a.m.

Ahmed admitted to making the false threats after police traced the calls back to his cell phone.

Ahmed said that he made the threats in order to stop his wife from having a night out. According to a probation report on Ahmed, the couple had opened a gift shop in town, that was making less than $30 a day. In order to make ends meet, Ahmed had taken a job at a local restaurant.

The report stated that felt “annoyed” that she was going out when he had to work.

“He felt annoyed she was spending money while he was having to work away to pay the bills,” the report said. “When he learned she was going to Wetherspoons, he was angry and frustrated and wanted to ruin her night. He did not consider the effect it would have on the pub or the emergency services.”

Ahmed has been sentenced to six months in jail with a one-year suspension and ordered to pay the equivalent of $1,166 as compensation to the Duke of Wellington. Additionally, he must serve 120 hours of community service.

According to Paul Light, Ahmed’s defense attorney, Ahmed immediately regretted his actions and is deeply ashamed of what he did.

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