Bear Cub Isn’t Michael Phelps, So Fisherman Save Him From Drowning [VIDEO]

Published October 3, 2017
Published October 3, 2017

The two wild brown bear cubs were fighting for their lives after attempting to cross the lake to follow their mother.

Just when we needed a little more good in the world, these two men stepped up. While fishing on Lake Vygozero in the Karelia region in Russia, two fishermen stumbled upon an unlikely sight.

Two wild brown bear cubs were fighting for their lives after attempting to cross the lake to follow their mother. The mother bear apparently overestimated the cubs’ swimming abilities, as the distance proved to be too much for the little bears and they were soon sinking from exhaustion and nearly drowning.

Cub One

YoutubeOne of the brown bear cubs being pulled into the boat.

The fishermen quickly jumped into action, using their nets to help the cubs climb into their boat, all while filming the whole thing.

Despite being dangerous wild animals, the bears remained calm and, according to the fishermen, acted as if they knew they were being helped. They even talked to the little bears in soothing tones, as they helped them onto the boat.

“Take a rest, little one, take a rest,” one man can be heard saying. “Hold on, hold on.”

“Don’t be afraid, just don’t be afraid,” he adds. “We’ll rescue you, don’t be afraid.”

They eventually got both bears into the boat, where they sat calmly by the engine as the men took them to their destination.

“It was dangerous, of course, but they are living creatures,” said one of the men, Ruslan Lukanin from Moscow. “We couldn’t just look the other way.”

The men then took the cubs to the island their mother had swum to, and helped them onto shore.

“They were too weak to walk by themselves,” said one of the fishermen.

They left the cubs a little ways inland, in a grove of trees, hoping their mother would find them.

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