Flower Artist Makoto Azuma Sends Trees And Flowers Into Space

Published August 1, 2014
Updated January 24, 2018
Published August 1, 2014
Updated January 24, 2018
Bonsai Suspended in Space

Source: BuzzFeed

When it was finally time to commence the project, Azuma released two giant balloons that were attached to the devices. Though the two balloons were released at separate times, they followed a similar flight pattern, rising for over an hour before popping and releasing the bouquet and bonsai tree. Although parachutes deployed at some point during the descent, only the tracking devices were recovered; the beautiful bouquet and aged bonsai tree were never found.

Makoto Azuma has been a flower artist for over a decade. His desire to see the “movement and beauty of plants and flowers suspended in space” drove him to attempt Exobiotanica in the first place. While sending plants into space is pretty incredible in and of itself, Azuma has created a number of intriguing and innovative floral creations. Check out the flower artist’s other work—including a bonsai tree made from Legos—below.

Makato Azuma at Work

Source: Mage Design

Flower Artists Creates Arrangements

Source: 99 Roots

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