Suspended In Beauty: The Free Spirit Spheres Of Vancouver Island

Published January 18, 2014
Updated February 27, 2024

Some extravagant resorts as ideal getaways. But for true “free spirits”, Canada's Free Spirit Spheres are just for you.

Free Spirit Spheres

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In the pristine Canadian coastal rain forest of Vancouver Island sits—or, more aptly, floats—a resort unlike any other. The suspended spherical tree houses of Free Spirit Spheres offer a unique lodging accommodation that has to be seen to be believed.

Free Spirit Spheres Look Inside

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Each sphere is suspended high within the trees to give an uncommon shift to your senses. All pods are equipped with four attachments above and below, which are suspended to three trees by three vertical ropes. This setup allows the perfectly spherical structures to hang stably. The trees produce a triangle, with the sphere hovering directly in the center. This allows for ample sway of motion in the treetops, yet very little movement of the enclosure itself. The engineering is simple yet remarkable.


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Free Spirit Spheres Interior Living

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Each of the structures is connected to what is known as the “door tree” by a suspension bridge, which in turn is connected to a spiral stairwell that leads back to the forest floor. The appearance as well as the experience of the stay is wholly unique, and would have to be experienced to be truly understood.

Free Spirit Spheres Dining Room

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Though the interior is simplistic, each sphere is equipped with power sources and speakers. (The proprietors are highly aware that in today’s world, no matter how secluded, many people just cannot live without music or modern technological conveniences).

The dwelling’s shape gives inhabitants the ability to experience true surround sound without any walls blocking the flow of the sound waves.

Free Spirit Spheres Treehouses

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Such a structure has its limitations in both space and accommodations; the spheres are small and do not support indoor plumbing or restrooms. At the base of the trees, you’ll find the outhouse. This might be quite the inconvenience to some, but for those looking to reconnect with nature, it’s a small price to pay.

For individuals who are not as comfortable with the spheres’ rustic conditions but still long to experience the area’s surrounding beauty and aura, the resort offers more traditional facilities located across the pond. Their amenities include two washrooms, two showers, a sauna and a covered deck with barbecue and picnicking areas.

Sky Bridge

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This alternative vision of a ‘hotel’ is equal parts curiosity and natural refuge. Some may dream of sun-drenched beaches and crystal blue waters or extravagant resorts as ideal getaways. But for those true “free spirits”, the Free Spirit Spheres near Qualicum Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia may be an ideal vacation.

For more cozy treetop dwellings, just a short trip down the coast from Vancouver Island, discover Washington’s treehouse hotel.

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