Game of Thrones Intro Gets A Moldy Makeover

Published May 23, 2016
Updated January 18, 2018

A YouTube user named Transcend Rules has just recreated the Game of Thrones intro using close-up footage of fungi and mold growth, calling the strangely hypnotic video “Game of Molds.”

The mold and fungus was originally filmed by a photographer named Nick Lariontsev, who used six different types of fungus for the project, shooting the mold during different periods of growth over a course of eight days.

Transcend Rules then matched up the Game of Thrones music perfectly to the blooming fungi. In shades of grey, green, and brown, their fuzzy mounds and flowering domes almost resemble of map of Westeros. Check out the original intro for a comparison.

Elisabeth Sherman
Elisabeth Sherman is a writer living in Jersey City, New Jersey.
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