This Image Of A Girl Scout Peacefully Confronting A Neo-Nazi Is Inspiring The Internet

Published May 3, 2017
Published May 3, 2017

"It makes sense to be seen and heard and stand up against what we do not like."

Girl Scout Protests

Vladimír ČičmanecLucie Myslíková stands up to a far-right protestor in the Czech Republic on May 1.

This image of a 16-year-old Czech girl standing up to a far-right demonstrator is taking the internet by a storm.

The photo features Lucie Myslíková, who goes by Lala, confronting a man in a Thor Steinar sweatshirt — a look typically worn by Europe’s neo-Nazis.

The photo was taken by photographer Vladimír Čičmanec during a May 1 neo-Nazi march in the Czech Republic.

Counter-protestors, which outnumbered the far-right marchers two to one, were instructed to dance and drum alongside the discriminatory group — distracting from their message rather than confronting them directly. (Hence the bubbles in the photo.)

But young Lala felt direct dialogue was important and chose to engage with one of the men about immigration issues.

The image of that dialogue has now gone viral.

“Thank you all for your support!” Myslíková wrote on Facebook after the photo took off. “I believe that dialogue is, like other non-violent expression, the best way to combat evil.”

Many people have expressed admiration for Myslíková’s calm demeanor and bravery during the encounter.

The World Organization of the Scout Movement credited Lala with helping promote Scout “values of diversity, peace and understanding.”

Other protestors, however, did not show the same restraint and 11 people from both groups were arrested for fighting.

In an interview with a local website, Myslíková reiterated her belief in the power of protest and civic engagement.

“It makes sense,” she said. “It makes sense to be seen and heard and stand up against what we do not like.”

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Annie Garau
Annie is a NYC-based writer.