Hasidic Jews Censor In-Flight Movie With Blanket [VIDEO]

Published September 28, 2017
Updated November 13, 2017

After they hang the blanket, some men on the flight then clap in approval.


Hasidic Jews are often seen doing things on planes that might seem weird to those outside the faith. Some of them refuse to sit next to women, some of them wrap themselves in plastic in case the plane flies over a cemetery, and some of them even try to censor in-flight movies.

During a flight yesterday, a group of Hasidic men were seen hanging blankets from the ceiling to cover up what appeared to be the movie “Music and Lyrics” starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.

The men in the video are shown hanging a blanket over the large screen in the front of the plane, and at the end of the video, blankets can be seen hanging in multiple locations throughout the aircraft.

Other passengers can be heard cheering, and clapping as the men cover the screen.

The video, taken on a mobile phone, appeared to be shot on a chartered flight rather than a public plane, though that has not been confirmed. It was also not confirmed where the flight was going to, or where it had taken off from.

It is unknown, if it was indeed a chartered flight, why the men simply did not ask for the movie to be turned off. However, as the Mirror pointed out, one of the men on the flight does not appear to be Hasidic, signaling it may have been a public flight.

This is not the first time Hasidic and Orthodox Jews have been seen doing strange things on flights.

In 2015, two women reported having to change seats on their flights, because an Orthodox man refused to sit next to them. In 2013, an Orthodox man was seen wrapping himself in a plastic bag while flying on a plane. Authorities say the act was part of a ritual to ensure his body remained pure should the aircraft pass over any cemeteries.

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