The Amazing Home In A Bluebird Bus

Published August 26, 2013
Updated February 9, 2018

Meet Mike and Natalie Young, a newly-wed couple who opted to convert a 1978 Bluebird bus into their future domicile. Yes, you read that correctly: they turned a 300 square foot school bus into their house! Dubbed ‘Rosie’, the bus is complete with a kitchen, living space, and bedroom in an open floor concept from front to back. And even better? Rosie only cost $3000! See below for wonderful pictures of Mike and Natalie’s amazing home in a bluebird bus:

Bluebird Bus House

Home In A Bluebird Bus

Bluebird Bus House

Home In A Bluebird Bus Photograph

Bluebird Bus Home

Bluebird Bus

Making A Home In A Bluebird Bus

Images via Tiny House Swoon and information via Statesman.

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