Humongous, 700-Pound Emerald Found In Brazilian Mine

Published May 24, 2017
Updated December 20, 2017

The four-foot emerald, one of the rarest stones on Earth, has been sold to a local miner for an unknown amount.

Brazil Emerald

Bahia Mineral Cooperative

The emerald — one of the rarest and most precious gems in the world — has been said to represent everything from fidelity and fertility to royalty and devil worship.

No matter what the interpretation, though — the precious green gem always means a whole lot of money.

Which is why workers in Brazil were likely thrilled when they recently hauled a 794-pound, 4.3-foot emerald from a mine in the northeastern state of Bahia.

The stone, which was found 20 days ago, has already been sold to a local mine owner — though the buyer remains anonymous and sources will not reveal how much he or she paid.

Though a human-sized jewel might seem like a dream come true for jewelry lovers, they need not be too jealous.

“(The emerald) will be no good for (making jewelry),” jeweler Edilson Araujo told AOL news. “It is more for people with an interest in collecting and work with this objective.”

The new owner of this gem reportedly hopes to exhibit the stone in museums and libraries, according to his lawyer, Marcio Jandir.

Another large emerald, which was found in the same region in 2001, was 44 pounds heavier and valued at a whopping $300 million.

That stone was illegally brought to the United States, becoming the subject of an international legal dispute. The argument was resolved in 2015 and the emerald stayed in the States.

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