This Illuminated Bike Path Was Inspired by Van Gogh

Published November 19, 2014
Updated February 1, 2018

Inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night, this illuminated bike path is energy-efficient and undeniably awesome.

There’s nothing quite like a midnight stroll down the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path, a recently unveiled illuminated bike path in Nuenen, Netherlands that has taken the world by storm.

Inspired by painter Vincent van Gogh’s iconic painting Starry Night, the bicycle path is covered with glowing blue and green lights that swirl and twist to mimic the artwork. This kilometer-long bicycle path is the latest innovation from Studio Roosegaard, a design firm that’s known for its interactive and socially responsible designs.

Illuminated Bike Path in the Netherlands

Source: Smatterist

Despite the inherent cool factor of the illuminated bike path, the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path actually brings designers one step closer to creating more energy efficient roads.

Covered in special paint that “charges” during the day and glows during the night (to complement solar-powered, embedded LED lights), the bike path is meant to gently illuminate the space more naturally than traditional lighting infrastructure. Eventually, Studio Roosegaard hopes to create roads that will alert drivers to icy roads and charge vehicles as they drive.

Van Gogh Bike Path Netherlands

Source: ABC News

Bicyclist on Van Gogh Bike Path

Source: Visual News

Van Gogh lived in Nuenen from 1883 to 1885, so the Starry Night-inspired illuminated bike path is a particularly special tribute. To see the illuminated bike path in action, check out this incredible video:

Illuminated Bike Path Up Close

Source: Wired

Solar-Powered Bike Path

Source: CityLab

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