Street Portraits: The Faces Of India And Pakistan

Published May 3, 2015
Updated May 15, 2018
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Sufi, Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Source: Bored Panda

Parents often discourage their kids from backpacking, and not necessarily just out of safety concerns; it’s often the case that once their children are exposed to the world’s intricacies waiting just beyond their own borders, they’ll never come back. Such is the case with Lukas Szolc-Nartwoski.

Since 2007, Szolc-Nartowski has roamed the streets of India and Pakistan, furthering his passion for photography and capturing stunning portraits of the people he encounters. Backpacking through the region since his first visit to India in 2001, his views–and subsequently, his art–have become increasingly complex.

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Gypsy Woman, Thar Desert, Rajastan, India Source: Bored Panda

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Man, Thar Desert, Rajastan, India Source: Bored Panda

When speaking of his decision to backpack, Szolc-Nartowski states that “It was not love from the first sight but this journey was indeed a life changing experience. Scared at the beginning, unaccustomed to the culture and inexperienced I started to sink deeper and deeper into the ways of the travelers. That journey turned me into a backpacker, and that’s the way I have spent many years after that initiation.”

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Gypsy Woman, Thar Desert, Rajastan, India Source: Bored Panda

One day he happened upon a flea market in Lahore, Pakistan, where he purchased an old Minolta 50, f 1.4 lens for around $10. This would become his primary and favorite lens, and one that he continues to use to this day.

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Man looking at a mountain, on the way to Nanga Parbat base camp, Northern Areas, Pakistan Source: Bored Panda

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