Jumping Spiders Wearing Fantastic Water Hats

Published September 4, 2013
Updated January 17, 2018
Jumping Spiders Water Drops

Source: Daily Mail

Hailing from Batam Island, Indonesia, photographer Uda Dennie recently grabbed worldwide attention when his jumping spider photos hit the web. The photographs, which were snapped in Dennie’s garden, spread like wildfire, due to the curious, colorful shots of the spiders wearing water droplets on their heads. These adventurous arachnids are known to “pose” for pictures by turning their bodies to face the photographer.

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Butterfly

Source: Demilked

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Red

Source: Imgur

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Playful

Source: Trend Hunter

There are thousands of species in this peculiar spider family. Jumping spiders have four sets of eyes (yes, that means a total of eight eyeballs), and can jump up to fifty times their body length. These species have some of the best eyesight of all invertebrates, and unlike many spiders, they do not spin webs. They often live in fields, meadows and woodlands, and many consider them both stealthy and charming.

Jumping Spiders Wearing Water Hats

Source: 500 PX

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Dark

Source: Flick River

Dennie undeniably brings out the spiders’ more charming side with his photographs. Many viewers have commented that the water droplets, which reflect miniature views of surrounding scenery, look like hats. While his spider photographs have brought Dennie into the spotlight, the photographer’s other work is just striking.

Jumping Spiders Dennie Photography

Source: Pix Daus

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Side View

Source: Daily Mail

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Walking

Source: Demilked

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