Brazilian Street Art Turns Up In The Most Unexpected Place: Kelburn Castle In Scotland

Published April 12, 2015
Updated August 20, 2020
Kelburn Graffiti Mural

Source: One360

Scotland’s oldest castle is the last place you’d expect to find a massive urban mural. And that’s the point. In an effort to transport Brazil’s vibrant and colorful street art to a totally different setting, four world-renowned Brazilian artists worked alongside Scottish artists to create this awesome castle art. The result is both bizarre and breathtaking—a unique fusion of collaboration and contrast—and that’s why we’re sad to see it go.

Up Close Look at Kelburn Street Art

Source: One360

Street artists painted this psychedelic mural on Kelburn Castle back in 2007, with the understanding that the artwork was temporary. Yet castle owner Patrick Boyle, the Earl of Glasgow, fell in love with the unique synthesis of rural and urban influences and has fought to keep the mural for as long as possible.

Visitors to Kelburn in Scotland

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Kelburn Castle Vibrant Mural

Source: One360

In 2011, author and designer Tristan Manco named the Kelburn Castle mural as one of the world’s ten best examples of street art, likening the project to artwork done by Banksy. Unfortunately, engineers recently discovered that the cement coating on which the mural is painted is damaging the castle walls. To protect the structure, the art will be removed this summer.

Graffiti on Castle in Scotland

Source: One360

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