Brazilian Street Art Turns Up In The Most Unexpected Place: Kelburn Castle In Scotland

Published April 12, 2015
Updated August 20, 2020
Brazilian Street Art in Scotland

Source: Chris Radley

The Boyle family — their original name was Boyville, but it changed over the years — settled in Kelburn in 1140. The land’s first stone structure was (likely) built by 1200, and was used primarily for defense. In 1581, a grander castle was built at the same location, enclosing the first.

While you can still see the sixteenth-century building, the family has since expanded the Kelburn Castle. Today, visitors can take guided tours and explore the grounds and gardens, which were opened to the public in 1977. Watch this clip for a brief tour of the estate:

Visitors to Kelburn in Scotland

Source: Avax News

Os Gemos Kelburn Castle

Source: YouTube

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