Man Casually Mows His Lawn While Huge Tornado Looms Nearby

Published June 5, 2017
Published June 5, 2017

Despite the pleas of his daughter, Canadian Theunis Wessels continued his lawn mowing for the duration of the tornado.

Tornado Lawn Mower

Cecilia Wessels/Facebook

There a couple things you can do when a massive tornado is blowing by your house. One: Go to the basement, hide under a table and curl up into a ball until it goes away. Or two: Mow the lawn.

This past Friday evening, Theunis Wessels chose the later.

His wife, Cecilia, was napping in the family’s Alberta, Canada home when her nine-year-old daughter woke her after trying and failing to convince her father to come inside.

Cecilia looked out the window to see her husband going about his chores as usual while a tornado whirled less than two miles away.

Theunis was “fully aware” of the storm, Cecilia told the BBC, but “wasn’t worried at all,” since he had recently attended a storm-chasing seminar.

Equally as unfazed as her spouse, she went outside and snapped a photo.

Not because she thought yard work was an especially bizarre choice for a tornado activity, but because she wanted to show her South African parents what a tornado looks like. The Wessels moved to Canada from South Africa seven years ago.

Cecilia posted the image online and has since received more than 250 friend requests along with thousands of comments deeming her husband the “Chuck Norris of lawn mowers.”

Many people have inquired as to why Theunis chose that particular moment to spend time outside.

“It seems that most people here mow before the rain comes, so he thought he would do that and, well, ended up famous,” she explained. “It was just a great day to mow the lawn.”

Tornado Lawn Mower Sky

Cecilia Wessels/FacebookThe sky in the Wessels’ neighborhood on Friday evening.

The storm was, indeed, moving away from the family’s home and it ended up dissipating altogether within five minutes of Cecilia’s photo.

Nevertheless, looking at these admittedly addictive tornado videos, it’s hard to blame the couple for wanting to get a front row view:

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