Sex App Lets Users Request And Grant Sexual Consent Before Doing The Dirty

Published January 12, 2018

The app makes obtaining legally binding sexual consent as easy as clicking a button.

Legalflng Request

LegalFlingA screenshot showing how the app alerts users to requests for consent.

Imagine you’re on a date. Conversation is flowing, sparks are flying, everything’s going well, and you’re thinking of moving things back to your place. So what do you do?

Whip out your phone and text your date a friendly, legally binding contract that outlines your intent to engage in safe and consensual sex, of course. All they have to do is check a few boxes, and you two are good to go.

How sexy.

No, this isn’t an episode of Black Mirror. This is the future of dating.

A new app called LegalFling, created by Dutch company LegalThings, aims to ensure that obtaining explicit, legally binding consent is as easy as clicking a button.

LegalFling will allow users to request sexual consent from any of their contacts, through WhatsApp, text, or Facebook message. Along with a request for consent, the app sends along your personal sexual preferences “including your do’s and don’t’s,” so you can lay everything out on the table right up front.

Upon receiving the request, he or she who was propositioned will be able to see a photo of their potential partner, along with their list of preferences. Then, they will be able to grant their approval for them.

Built-in options include the use of a camera or video camera, condom, or explicit language, as well as an STD-free guarantee and willingness to participate in BDSM.

Legalfling Screenshots

LegalFling/The IndependentScreenshots showing the inner workings of the app.

By checking the boxes and agreeing to “Accept & Fling,” the two (or more, as the app allows for multiple parties to enter into a “fling”) parties are entered into a “Live Contract,” which is a real, legally binding contract. Breaking any of the agreed upon rules is considered a breach of contract, and is punishable by law. The contracts are all stored using blockchain technology, which is encrypted within the app so privacy is guaranteed and the contract is verifiable.

In fact, bringing about that punishment is also just as easy as clicking a button. If a user feels that a breach of contract has occurred, for example, if a photo or video, taken after the contract was signed, was shared without their consent, all they need to do is click a button in the app. The app will then trigger a cease and desist letter, which makes it easier for cases to be brought to court. Though their website is clear that the extent to which the contracts holds up depends on the users country of residence. Additionally, penalty payments can be incurred.

LegalFling also keeps track of your contracts and makes it easy for you to withdraw consent from any one of them at any time, without penalty.

According to LegalThings, LegalFling was created to make consent accessible to all. Of course, no always means no, but when the answer is yes, that’s where LegalFling comes in.

The app does not yet have approval from Google or Apple, and is not yet available for download.

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Katie Serena
Katie Serena is a New York City-based writer and a staff writer at All That's Interesting.